Our Team-Based Care Approach

Our entire team here at IFC is whole-heartedly dedicated to providing excellent care to each of our patients. A team-based approach helps us fulfill our mission every day by enabling same-day appointments and quick access to care with a provider on site.

Team-based care delivery models are key aspects of health care reforms aimed at improving access to care and patient outcomes. Collaboration in such teams involves care providers caring for groups of patients independently and interdependently, supporting each other to fully use their separate and shared skills.

We encourage our patients to develop a relationship with their provider of choice; however, to improve flexibility, our team works collaboratively to be involved and informed of your unique healthcare needs. We employ Nurse Practitioners to work alongside Dr. Gentry to deliver the medical care needed that allows you to reach your patient-centered goals, such as better mobility and management of your chronic conditions. We utilize a robust electronic health record that enables providers to access your complete medical record at all times. By offering care that is relationship-based with an orientation to the whole person, and their families, we have a greater understanding of each patient and their unique needs. This helps us support you, the patient, with managing your own care.