Innovative Family Care Fitness


At Innovative Family Care,  we believe one of the best ways to enhance your life is to be physically fit.  We believe your level of fitness is the best measure of your quality of life, and your protection against loss of function or independence.   For this reason, we encourage our patients to participate in this program to facilitate improving overall physical fitness.

This program is designed to facilitate improvement in fitness for anyone from the very healthy, the severely disabled, the obese, those with musculoskeletal or neurological injury, or the frail elderly.  We are especially suited to work with patients who could greatly benefit from exercise but are uncomfortable going to a local fitness center or gym.  Our intent is to provide support and education as you seek to become more fit, and provide a bridge between seeing your primary care doctor for help, to becoming an excellent manager of your own health and fitness.   
We are optimistic that once we orient a patient towards a habitual healthy exercise lifestyle, they will continue to maintain what they have learned at a local gym or fitness center of their choosing.  Our ultimate goal is to amplify the well being of our patients through the means of physical activity.


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