Accessing Behavioral Health Services

Appointments & Rates

IFC Times
Tuesday 8am-3pm
Available for Group Medical Visits & Consultation with clinical staff

Available for referrals of IFC patients for Individual/Group Counseling. These are half hour to 1 hour appointments at the following times
Schedule through the IFC Front Office

Counseling Sessions are 45-50min clinical hour and private pay only at this time
Full Individual Session $65
Half Individual Session $35
Full Group Session $25

Commonly Asked Questions

Why do people talk to a counselor?

The reasons people come to counseling are as varied as people themselves.  Often, clients have encountered distressing or stressful experiences or situations they’d like to talk about in a safe setting.  These might include present or past circumstances, or to help them explore a general feeling that their lives are not quite right, or to cope with the feelings of depression or anxiety.


What can people expect when they see the counselor?

When you see a counselor, you can expect:

*Professional counseling services provided in a compassionate environment where privacy and diversity are respected.

* Assurance that counseling-related information will remain confidential** ( there are exceptions to confidentiality as required by law and defined in the informed consent document provided to all clients prior to beginning services.)

* Counseling that will help you build upon and utilize the strengths you already possess to help you resolve your concerns, After all, though counselors have special skills and training, YOU are the expert on the subject of YOU. That’s why your input and participation in counseling is so important.